ORAPP - Oracle OCI C++ Interface Library

Jordan Ritter <jpr5@darkridge.com>

2.0.3 (3/13/04)


ORAPP is a programmatic API written in C++ around Oracle's OCI8/9 APIs. ORAPP does not use exceptions or RTTI, and so is very small, fast, predictable and easy to read and use. Like its predecessor ORA++, ORAPP was modeled in design after mysql++ and thus should be familiar to those who have used MySQL's C++ Interface.

Read more about the background of ORAPP if you are curious.

What's New since 2.0.1:

  • Removed ``-O2'' optimizations -- was causing crashes on some compiler toolchains.
  • Removed instances of ``std::string::clear()'' to accomodate API-incomplete STL implementations.
  • Added ``stdio.h'' to fix compilation on GCC 2.9x toolchains.
  • Fix problem with field names not being null-terminated (Bug #861182).
  • Fix crash when accessing an OOB index value (Bug #861182).
  • How to use ORAPP:

    A few example programs are provided to give prospective users an idea of how the library can be used. A more comprehensive set of examples exists within the package distribution as test.cc. Please download the distribution for that and additional documentation.

    Providing Feedback:

    To report bugs please use the Bug Tracker. To submit a feature request please use the RFE Tracker. Finally, to submit any patches please use the Patch Manager. For all other feedback items, please email the author directly.

    Supported Platforms:

    Please email the author a small note if you successfully compile ORAPP on any platform not listed below. The library itself does not rely on much (if at all) platform-specific functionality, so porting and using it on another platform will likely be as simple as typing ``make''.

    orapp-2.0.3.tar.bz2 (16k)