The 3 ORAPP's - Background

The first incarnation of ORAPP was named ORA++, and was the product of work done at Napster, Inc., which that company generously allowed to be open-sourced. Unfortunately not a lot of work was done to clean up what was released, nor was it well-documented, nor is it frankly pleasant code to look at. ORAPP is the second major version of the design, and represents a complete clean-room rewrite of the original design. It is a superior library because it is more stable, more well-organized, provides more useful interfaces, and of course is free of Napster's original license.

Also, please be aware that there is one other ORAPP out in the wild, but it is unrelated to this library. It appeared after I had started this project and registered it on SourceForge, but even after notifying the author of the name collision he still made the decision to keep the name anyway. So, this may or may not be the library you're looking for, depending on how you found this.